Homicide investigation underway in Southern Pines

Southern Pines Police Department closed two illegal gambling businesses said Captain Charles Campbell Monday afternoon.

501 Arcade, located at 9735 U.S. 15-501 in Pinehurst and Tap that Arcade located at 1858 U.S. Highway 1 in Southern Pines are now closed and vacated after an investigation by the police.

The Southern Pines Police Department said the two businesses have “become attractive nuisances to the surrounding community, and recently have been associated with multiple calls for police services which included burglary, robbery, larceny, domestic assault and other quality of life crimes.”

“It is the intention of the Southern Pines Police Department to initiate criminal action against any landlord or property owner that willingly and knowingly rents, leases or sells property within the jurisdiction of the Southern Pines Police Department for the intended purpose of engaging in illegal gambling,” said Cheif Bob Temme. “Additionally, the Southern Pines Police Department will also initiate a civil asset forfeiture process to seize property, equipment, and assets associated with illegal gambling businesses. Any employee, or principal, involved in illegal gambling will be subject to felony gambling charges.”





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