After serving this week as the principal staging area for Duke Power in support of the company’s effort to restore power to thousands of residents of Richmond and surrounding counties ravaged by Hurricane Florence, Rockingham Dragway returns to its “day job” next week (September 28-30) when it plays host to the Super Chevy Show.

“We were pleased to be able to accommodate Duke Power during this time of turmoil,” said track owner Steve Earwood.  “We made our front lots available for the company’s use this week and we’ve had all kinds of service equipment in our front yard along with transportable sleeping quarters, bathrooms, showers and even a commissary for all the technicians.  It’s quite an operation.”

Nevertheless, with power slowly being restored, Earwood said he expected the assembled Duke crisis team members and their equipment to move east next week to address other problems in other areas.

According to Earwood, while the dragstrip was without power for a day, it suffered relatively minor damage otherwise, some shingles blown off roofs and a few downed signs being the most obvious “souvenirs” of the deadly summer storm.

“It’s been a tough week for the Carolinas,” Earwood said.  “So many people have been effected but part of the healing process is returning to normal routines.  For us, the normal routine is running races, so that’s what we’re going to do.”

The Super Chevy Show, which includes a all-GMC car and truck show and a Chevy-centric swap meet, this year will feature Nostalgia Pro Stock cars along with Terry Rosburg’s 280 mile-an-hour jet dragster.


Photo courtesy of Rockingham Dragway.

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