Board of Elections addresses election discrepancies, voting process

The Town of Southern Pines had no additional comments on election methods at its March 2 agenda meeting.

The discussion on Jan. 24 for crafting a resolution to amend the town’s election method came after the 2021 invoices from the board of elections totaling $38,078.38.

Mayor Carol Haney said the election method discussion was “dealt with pretty soundly” at the Jan. 24 work session.

During the Jan. 24 work session, the council discussed changing the election method. The discussion came after the board of election invoice for $22,487.89 for the primary and $15,590.49 for the general election—with only 7-8% of voters participating.

In the Jan. discussion, the council favored the nonpartisan plurality method, which would cut election costs.

In the plurality method, candidates with the most votes win, even when there is not a majority. No primary election is held. The plurality method consists of a general election on the first Tuesday of November in odd-numbered years.

A Resolution of Intent to change the election method will be signed if the new method is adopted. This will amend the town’s charter.

The current method is the nonpartisan primary and election method, which results in voters participating twice when there are more than two candidates for a single office.


Election method definitions are from the NC State Board of Elections.

The town will hold a public hearing on the election method at 6 p.m. at the April 12 business meeting at the Douglass Community Center, 1185 W. Pennsylvania Ave.

Following the April 12 public hearing, the Town Council will consider adopting the ordinance at its regular meeting on May 10.

In other business, Town Planner Jennifer Hunt presented architectural data for a 1,265 square foot addition to Murphy Insurance Agency in the central business district at 250 W. Pennsylvania Ave. The plans meet town codes.

The council discussed two out parcels off Airport Road near ACE Hardware store being in the airport high-risk area for crashes.

Airport safety concerns include the orientation of parking, lights, balloons, drones, and buildings.

The town will hold a public hearing on the proposed development of out parcels near ACE Hardware at the March 8 business meeting at 6 p.m.

~Written by Sandhills Sentinel Journalist Stephanie M. Sellers. Contact her at [email protected].

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