Academy of Moore students receive Masonic Merit Awards

In 2018, The Academy of Moore County and “Roman Eagle” Masonic Lodge #550, in Aberdeen, established a Masonic Merit Scholarship to recognize fourth and fifth graders who have demonstrated academic progress during a term.

There are 8 winners per year, two per term, sharing the prizes.

On August 5, the awards were given to Tristan Bullard and Grace Bergen.

Respecting the COVID-19 guidelines, the ceremony was conducted in the Pavilion, annexed to the Academy.

Shown in the picture are (at both ends) teachers Ms. Vaughan and Ms. Hight, Timothy and Christina, parents of the winner Tristan Bullard, with Curtis Lovito, Master of the Masonic Lodge in Aberdeen. Not shown is the other winner: Grace Bergen.


Courtesy photo/Contributed.

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