North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper has proclaimed April as Alcohol Awareness Month, urging parents to talk with their kids about the dangers of alcohol.

Research shows that 94% of North Carolina students believe underage drinking is a problem, and eight in 10 middle schoolers think hearing more from their parents about alcohol use would help.

“Underage drinking can keep young people from achieving success in school and work, harm their health, and put lives at risk,” Gov. Cooper said. “Encouraging conversations about underage drinking is important to kids’ futures and the future of our state.”

Gov. Cooper joins with North Carolina’s ABC Commission, university researchers, law enforcement agencies, local prevention coalitions, and other community leaders in addressing this challenging issue head-on.

The NC ABC Commission’s statewide Talk It Out campaign has expanded its website and community outreach efforts to include more tips and tools to help parents and guardians have these conversations with their kids.

“The Commission takes the issue of underage drinking prevention very seriously,” said NC ABC Commission Chairman Zander Guy. “And we are glad to join Gov. Cooper in this important work.”



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