Board honors groups for power outage response

Moore County Board of Commissioners held its January meeting Tuesday morning.

By adopting a proclamation, the commissioners recognized first responders and others who helped the county deal with the aftermath of the power grid attack that cut electricity to most of Moore County homes and businesses. 

The groups honored were the American Red Cross, Baptist on Mission, Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina Duke Energy, Randolph Electric, and several Moore County employees and departments.

According to Moore County Public Safety Director Bryan Phillips, EMS services had an excessive caseload. In addition to their regular workload, they had to run over 100 extra calls. Local police and fire services also had many calls above the normal.

When the new 911 call center was built, they provided 10 seats for 911 operators. According to Phillips, in the aftermath of the power outage, all 10 seats were used for the first time.

Sheriff Ronnie Fields addressed the commissioners. According to Fields, the sheriff’s office is working with federal and state offices to catch whoever was responsible for the power grid attack. Fields stated, “I will work to my final breath to catch whoever is responsible.”

Moore County Manager Wayne Vest added, talking directly to whoever was responsible, “Make it easy on yourself, and turn yourself in because you will be caught.”

Vest also addressed the citizens of Moore County. “All of our citizens really stepped up…. the courtesy and compassion shown by our citizens.”

Vest commended national and local news outlets for their excellent coverage of the attack, including Sandhills Sentinel.

Commissioner Chairman Nick Picerno added, “As I traveled around, I have never been more proud to be a public official in Moore County.”

In other business, the board approved a request to purchase a BearCat tactical rescue vehicle for $301,000 The BearCat is based on the Ford F-550 heavy-duty commercial truck chassis. The vehicle is armored and has 4-wheel drive. The conventional layout houses the engine in the front, crew seating in the middle, and the troop section at the rear.

The board also approved the purchase of a new ambulance for $332,000. This is part of Moore County’s annual fleet replacement.

Picerno asked the media to print the resolution recognizing everyone’s efforts.



WHEREAS, due to a selfish act of criminal vandalism, Moore County experienced a significant power outage event on December 3, 2022; and

WHEREAS, during the event, an estimated 40,000 residences and businesses were without power for multiple days; and

WHEREAS, in addition to power outages, this act of vandalism prevented businesses from opening, citizens from being able to work, and many other daily activities from taking place; and

WHEREAS, the multi-day loss of power resulted in an enormous amount of loss in refrigerated/frozen foods for businesses and residents; and

WHEREAS, the multi-day loss of power also resulted in an enormous amount of loss in revenue for businesses during the peak Christmas holiday shopping period; and

WHEREAS, as a testament to Moore County’s resiliency and spirit of community, many individuals, groups, churches, businesses, and community organizations immediately took actions that greatly mitigated the impacts of the power outage; and

WHEREAS, these individuals and organizations saw the needs, heard the callings, and answered in ways that allowed the entire nation to see what can be accomplished when neighbor helps neighbor; and

WHEREAS, the actions of these individuals and organizations have allowed Moore County to quickly rebound and recover; and

WHEREAS, the Board of Commissioners wishes to recognize and express the Board’s appreciation to all of those that came to the aid and assistance of Moore County during this event.


Section 1. The Moore County Board of Commissioners recognizes Moore County as a premier place to live, work, and raise a family; and that the community spirit of helping others shown by the many individuals and organizations during the December 2022 multi-day power outage event fully demonstrated to the nation how and why Moore County is a very special place.

Section 2. The Board of Commissioners adopts this resolution recognizing and expressing appreciation to the many individuals and organizations for their acts of care, dedication, and kindness during the December 2022 power outage event.

Adopted this 10th day of January 2023.

Photo from Baptist on Mission.

Sandhills_Sentinel~Written by Sandhills Sentinel Reporter Chris Prentice. Contact him at [email protected].

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