Brrring it on!

Braving chilly waters, event organizers William and Lynne McDuffie and other daring participants dove into an exciting tradition that has been consecutive since 2009.

The 2024 Brrr Creek Plunge took place on Saturday, Feb. 10, at the Dalton Creek Canoe Access in Robbins. Embracing a playful “Toys” theme, participants dressed imaginatively, adding an exciting touch to their leap into frigid waters.

Even though the day turned out warmer than expected, the water wasn’t as temperate. Participants noted, “The warmer weather made the water feel even chillier.”

This whimsical theme brought many childhood favorites to life, from the iconic characters of Toy Story to playful trolls, Barbies, classic barrel monkeys, and Raggedy Ann dolls, creating a delightful and inclusive experience for participants of all ages.

Beyond the thrill of the plunge itself, this event serves a greater purpose as part of Foothills Outdoors, a nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering community support.

From fundraising initiatives to collecting goods for the Robbins Area Christian Ministry Food Bank, Foothills Outdoors strives to make a tangible difference in the lives of locals. During the plunge, participants were encouraged to contribute canned goods to support the food bank, embodying the spirit of giving back to the community.

Local businesses also joined in the festivities, with Simply Coffee offering steaming hot beverages from their brand-new mobile coffee truck, poised to become a beloved staple in town events. Additionally, Mutarelli Combat Custom showcased their efforts to design an official state rifle, adding a touch of local innovation to the event.

~Article and photos by Sandhills Sentinel reporter Emily Purvis.

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