Cameron holds hearing on subdivision proposal

In a packed town hall, the Town of Cameron passed an ordinance at its May 9 public hearing to rename the Town of Cameron’s Zoning Ordinance. The new name is the Town of Cameron Development Ordinance and incorporates subdivision regulations and requirements for conditional zoning.

Town Planner Kathy Liles said the new ordinance would help with online applications.

The ordinance covers standard protocols for Moore County, including access points for fire trucks.

Liles said that even land heirs must follow the rules which developers follow.

“Some things are going to be impacted, and we are going to see if that can be mitigated,” Liles said about making the impact less severe when developing on lands where endangered species live.

Liles said they have difficult conversations when approving subdivisions that make demands on schools’ capacity limits.

The planning board met with developers after the public hearing.

Lifetime Lee County residents Bobby Branch, of Bobby Branch Tree Removal and Sons, and Michael Blakely, of Drafting and Design, LLC, discussed a subdivision proposal on approximately 87 acres off Atkins Road and N.C. Highway 24-27.

Branch and Blakely said Smith Douglas Homes, of Sanford, would build the proposed 57 homes, at a market price of approximately $400,000, on four-inch-thick concrete slabs. Every third home in the subdivision would have a different design. Homes would have front-side garages, siding and rock.

“One of the nice features is the pond, stream, and wetlands, and we won’t be impacting those at all,” Blakely said about the stormwater runoff culverts and drainage system.

Blakely said he would provide the planning board with stormwater runoff data, including the square footage of the rooftops, paved areas, and slope.

The proposed subdivision plans two mail kiosks, no sidewalks, and the developers said the 2,000 square foot, three and four-bedroom homes would have 20 feet between them, and each would be 400 to 500 feet deep.

The developers said the subdivision would have a homeowner’s association.

“I can place a buffer around the subdivision,” Branch said about blocking roadside views into private backyards.

“Cameron has a lot of agricultural land. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. I know progress is necessary, but it needs to be done the right way,” Cameron resident Aaron Ayers said.

The proposed subdivision would take 18 to 24 months after the land and roadways were prepared.

Blakely said the subdivision would offer an opportunity to tie in a new 6” valve, replacing the 4”, for a tie-in to Moore County water on the left side of the subdivision.

“May use the right side on Cameron’s well water and tie-in on left side,” Blakely said.

“We are at capacity with water. I think it might be difficult. It needs investigation,” Cameron Planning Board member Joey Frutchey said.

“It would be an opportunity to give tax revenue to the town by annexing into town limits,” Blakely said.

“It would be a massive change for the community,” Frutchey said about rapid population growth, traffic concerns, and no police officers.

Feature photo: The heirs of Clinton Peele list family farmland off N.C. Highway 24-27 in Cameron for sale.

~Article and photo by Sandhills Sentinel Journalist Stephanie M. Sellers. Contact her at [email protected]

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