A fundraiser was held for Pediatric Congenital Heart Defects (CHD) in honor of a little boy named Richie, or “Little Richie” as he was known. He passed away February 27th, 2017 just a few months before his 3rd birthday. In that short period of time, he touched more lives than many people do given decades more. Little Richie’s story, not to mention that amazing smile, brought a community together. Complete strangers became friends united in the journey that was Richie’s, and now in the journey to honor his memory.

On Saturday, those same people, and many more, came to Aberdeen Lake to help raise money for Pediatric CHD. There were games, bouncy houses, silent auctions, music, and great food. Over $4,500 was raised in Little Richie’s memory.  His parents hope to make this an annual event.

                                      Little Richie’s parents, Richie Padin-Chiha and Rubi Rodriguez
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