Comfort First’s Whole Home Standby Generator Division saves the day — and night!

Comfort First Heating & Cooling developed the Whole Home Standby Generator Division as part of its mission to supply comfort.

“People and Comfort You Can Count on is our company motto, which is a shorter version of our mission statement we operate by: We create customers for life by consistently providing people and comfort you can count on,” said Corey Harmon, who works with the Sanford branch. “Through these actions, our customers will love us, and our competition will respect us.”

Comfort First Heating & Cooling’s Whole Home Standby Generator Division stands out because it performs a certified load calculation for projects, handles all permits, and completes the project details for customer convenience.

Comfort First Heating & Cooling’s Head of Electrical, Joel Worsham, discusses the Whole Home Standby Generator Division. Video provided.

“We are certified to complete all aspects of your project, from the electrical work to the gas lines,” said Harmon. “We don’t just install your generator and move on. We are certified for all your generator service and maintenance needs, and we handle all warranty processing. We can even wirelessly monitor your generator’s operations, so we know if there is an issue and resolve it before the next power outage. With each whole home standby generator, we also provide a package of six guarantees giving our customers peace of mind in knowing they have chosen the right company.”

The Comfort First Heating & Cooling team is certified generator technicians with many hours of in-house and classroom instruction, followed by testing, and on-the-job training.

“Sustained power outages from severe storms can result in expensive losses like food loss from a powerless refrigerator and freezer, and water damage from the lack of a sump-pump in your crawl space or basement,” Harmon said. “If you are on a well, a power outage means you do not have access to running water for an extended period leaving you without an operational bathroom until the power grid is restored. With winter ice storms, you could also be stuck in a freezing cold home with no lights or electricity. A lot of our customers also have medical equipment that is essential to their well-being, which always needs a power source. A whole home generator can prevent these situations from happening — keeping your HVAC system and other important appliances operational during any power outage.”

Comfort First Heating & Cooling monitors generator operations wirelessly, so they are notified immediately when there is an issue, even before the customer knows something is wrong. These are essential preventive measures in maintaining a functioning whole home generator system, so the unit is ready for the next power outage.

North Carolina hurricane season is from June through November. With six months of possible power outages, it makes sense to call Comfort First Heating & Cooling to save the day — and night before the next hurricane destroys power lines.

Comfort First’s Whole Home Standby Generator Division saves the day, night

Comfort First Heating & Cooling President Wes McLeod stacks generators in the company warehouse. Photo provided.

Comfort First Heating & Cooling has been in business since 2011.

“Our founders met at an HVAC company where they were disappointed with how that company treated customers,” Harmon said. “They decided to start a new company that puts the customer first, and we’ve been running full steam ahead ever since, and now we’re up to 105 employees across our various branches in North Carolina.

“Multiple offices allow us to cover the majority of central North Carolina. The circle could be drawn from as far as Sanford to Charlotte, to Hickory, up to Winston and Greensboro, Durham, Raleigh, over to Rocky Mount and back down to Fayetteville, and Southern Pines — with all those areas in-between.”

Contact Comfort First Heating & Cooling Whole Home Standby Generator Division at 800-279-4822. They are located at 7001 Lark Lane in Sanford.

Feature photo: Comfort First Heating & Cooling’s Whole Home Standby Generator Division’s team welcomes new business. Photo provided.

~Article by Sandhills Sentinel Journalist Stephanie M. Sellers. Contact her at [email protected].

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