Girl Scout sisters raise money for nurses honor grandfather died COVID

Girl Scout sisters Sarah and Macy Baker from Moore County Troop 2015 lost their Grandfather Ron Luna to COVID-19 in January. The girls wanted to do something to honor their grandpa. They decided to raise funds by using their own Christmas money, doing extra chores to earn money, and asking for donations.

To thank all front line workers, especially nurses, the girls used the money to donate Girl Scout Cookies in their grandpa’s honor in a service project they called “Cookies for Caring Nurses.”

Girl Scout sisters raise money for nurses honor grandfather died COVID-19

A box of Girl Scout Cookies with honor and memory card of Ron Luna.

The original goal was 61 boxes, the age Luna was when he passed away. They donated 61 boxes to Moore Regional Hospital, where Luna volunteered. While the sisters dropped the cookies off, they also picked up their grandmother who was being treated for COVID complications.

An additional 31 boxes were donated to the Durham VA where Luna enjoyed the doctors and nurses, and with the help of a sister Girl Scout Troop 1394 in Phoenix, they donated an additional 48 boxes to the Phoenix VA, where Luna died.

“Cookies for Caring Nurses has helped my sister Macy and I work through some of the sadness we have felt since he passed,” said Sarah, 14. “We have kept focus on this project, and we think he is proud of us.”

Macy, 7, laughed and said, “Yeah, Grandpa Ron loved Girl Scout Cookies almost as much as he loved us.”

Like many others, both girls said goodbye to their grandpa on a ventilator after seeing and playing with him just a few weeks before. The girls have inspired other troops to donate cookies to local hospitals and front line workers affected by the coronavirus. 

Feature photo: Sarah and Macy Baker delivers donated Girl Scout Cookies to Moore Regional Hospital in honor of their late grandfather who recently passed away from COVID-19.


Courtesy photos/Contributed.

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