Lieutenant governor candidate speaks in Carthage

On Saturday morning, the day after North Carolina began Phase 2 of reopening the state, Pete’s Family Restaurant and Freedom for Moore hosted an event at the Carthage restaurant.

There was live music, food and guest speaker Republican lieutenant governor candidate Mark Keith Robinson. State Senator Tom McInnis was in attendance, as well as several local government leaders.

Pete’s Family Restaurant served customers both indoors and outdoors to allow social distancing guidelines to be followed. The band, Dark Horse, performed for the crowd on an outside stage.

Lieutenant governor candidate speaks Carthage

Dark Horse provided live entertainment at Pete’s Family Restuarant.

Sandhills Sentinel sat down to speak with Robinson at the event and asked why he chose to run for the office of lieutenant governor.

“I had no plan to run for office,” said Robinson. “After being approached about another office, we felt that it wouldn’t be a good fit. God put me into this position to make a change and better the nation he blessed us with. The lieutenant governor’s office will help us highlight some things that we think are important.

“The most important issue in my election is education. Education touches every issue we touch today. I believe there is a lot of indoctrination in our public schools. I believe our public education is not set up to help children succeed in life. The ultimate goal is to take children and use what they learn in the classroom to help them succeed in life.”

When asked what he would want to change in North Carolina schools, Robinson responded, “The crown jewel of indoctrination is common core. As your Lt. Gov, that will be one of the first things I fight for. Common Core has to go.”

Sandhills Sentinel asked what stood out to him on the campaign trail. He mentioned a visit to Sneed’s Ferry.

“I had never been,” said Robinson. “I meet some fishermen, and they began to explain why they cannot go out, and the red tape of the government with dredging. It was a real eye-opener when the government is not efficient. It really affects people to a great degree. I thought this is why I am running for office, to help people.”

During his speech at the event, he discussed the importance of voting in November. 

“This November is so important. This COVID is only going to last a little while, but the decisions we make in November have the possibility to last decades.”

Robinson had never been to Pete’s Family Restaurant before but after having breakfast he said, “It was delicious, and I will be coming back.”

Robinson is running against Democratic candidate Yvonne Lewis Holley. The winner will replace Lt. Gov. Dan Forest, who is running for election for Governor of North Carolina.

Pete’s Family Restaurant is owned by Pete Kakouras, and he has been serving customers for about 9 years. The restaurant was featured earlier this year on an episode of “Fox and Friends.”

Sandhills_Sentinel~Written by Sandhills Sentinel Reporter Curtis Self.

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