The North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles will start collecting the state-mandated fees for administrative hearings beginning Jan. 1.

This legislation affects 19 administrative hearing types that review the revocation or suspension of vehicle license plates and licenses for drivers, inspection stations, automotive dealers, and mechanics. There are no fees for medical hearings.

NCDMV will notify eligible customers by mail on how to request a hearing, applicable fees and deadlines for submitting a request. Most hearings will be scheduled when the request is submitted in writing and the fees are paid in full. A waiver of fees is available for applicants who meet certain household income criteria.

Payments & Fees
Unless otherwise indicated in the tables below, applicants must pay administrative hearing fees at the time they request an administrative hearing.

NCDMV does not process hearing requests without the applicable fee paid in full.

Waived Hearing Fees
NCDMV waives administrative hearing fees for applicants who meet household income criteria and have submitted an Affidavit of Indigence with their written hearing request. (The form is also available in Spanish.)

Automotive Dealer-Franchise Case Hearings

Dealer court filing $600
Court motion $600
Automotive Dealers and State Inspection Hearings
Hearing Fee
Mechanic license or inspection station license $200
Motor vehicle dealer license or salesman license $200 (billed after hearing)

Driver License Hearings: Fees for hearings related to driver licenses can also be paid at any NCDMV driver license location.

Driver improvement clinic eligibility $40
Commercial driver license disqualification $200
Violation of Safety and Financial Responsibility Law $200
Compliance with probation or restoration agreement $220 (billed after hearing)
Pre-interview held before license restoration (situations involving alcohol-related convictions, suspensions or revocations) $225
License restoration (DWI) $425
License restoration for driving with revoked license $200
License restoration for moving violations while driving with a revoked license $200
Refusal to submit to chemical analysis $450
Alcohol concentration restriction violation $450
Ignition interlock device restriction violation $450 (billed after hearing)
License suspensions or revocations not otherwise listed to include those found in G.S. 20-13 and G.S 20-16 $100

Ignition Interlock Hearings

Ignition interlock medical accommodation review $70
Ignition interlock mouth contaminant review $75

Liability Insurance Hearings

Vehicle insurance lapse $60

Other Administrative Hearings

Commercial driver training school $200
Denial of DMV services $50

Traffic Stops

News of violent and deadly encounters between police and motorists led the General Assembly to require new drivers be taught what to expect during a traffic stop and what is considered an appropriate response. The law required the information be taught during driver’s education classes. Beginning with the new year that information must be put in the state driver’s handbook. It should be in the latest handbook edition by the end of March, the state Division of Motor Vehicles said.



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