EDP responds to 45 business leads for Moore in first quarter

Moore County Economic Development Partnership (MCEDP) recently released its quarterly progress report highlighting its activities and initiatives in the areas of economic development, community development, and workforce development for the quarter that ended Sept. 30.

“Our new fiscal year certainly started with a flurry of activity,” said Natalie Hawkins, president of MCEDP. “In just the first 3 months of fiscal year 2024, we responded to 45 business leads, which is already more than half of the total leads we responded to during all of fiscal year 2023. If we continue at this rate for the rest of the year, we will easily surpass the 100 mark for total leads received.”

Business Recruitment, Retention and Expansion

“Of the 45 leads received from businesses potentially interested in locating in Moore County, MCEDP submitted a property for 20 of them. Collectively these projects represent the potential for more than 1,350 new jobs and over $480 million in capital investment in Moore County,” Hawkins said.

In addition to efforts to attract and recruit new businesses to Moore County, a priority for MCEDP is also to provide support and resources to local existing businesses to help them thrive and grow. “Through our Business Retention & Expansion (BRE) program, we welcome any opportunity to engage with Moore County businesses and assist them with any needs they may have,” said Darryn Burich, MCEDP’s business development director.

This quarter, MCEDP’s BRE efforts included visiting eight Moore County businesses, connecting an Aberdeen manufacturer to several workforce development partners to help the company launch an apprenticeship program, and meeting with two expanding companies looking for sites of 10 acres or more for expansions.

“Supporting new business creation in Moore County is equally important,” emphasized Hawkins. “MCEDP is extremely excited to host our inaugural Moore Entrepreneurial Summit on November 14th that will bring together aspiring and experienced entrepreneurs, small business owners, and resource providers for an evening of inspiration and education.”

This quarter, MCEDP took several steps toward developing the 73-acre Iron Horse Industrial Park in Aberdeen. MCEDP executed a new offer to purchase contract and facilitated the execution of an agreement to obtain the right-of-way needed to construct an industrial road to access the park. Steps still to be completed before closing can occur later this year include obtaining permits for the access road to cross a gas line and railroad tracks.

Workforce & Community Development / Other Activities

Notable initiatives and activities in the areas of workforce and community development and other activities this quarter included:

*As a strong advocate for initiatives that support workforce development for Moore County’s employers, MCEDP is excited that the North Carolina state budget recently passed by the General Assembly included $25 million to establish an “early college” high school on the campus of Sandhills Community College. With Toyota Battery Manufacturing, VinFast, and Wolfspeed locating within one hour north of Moore County and collectively announcing the creation of more than 14,000 new jobs over the next seven years, the vocational and technical training provided through an early college high school will not only help prepare students for those types of employment opportunities, but it will also benefit Moore County’s existing and prospective employers who will have access to a continuous pipeline of skilled, job-ready workers.

*MCEDP participated in the Rural Community Capacity (RC2) Resource Team’s visit to the Town of Vass in September. In 2022, Vass was selected to participate in the RC2 program that helps rural communities increase their capacity to plan, implement, and manage economic development programs. During their visit, the resource team spoke with town staff, elected officials, state officials, and local businesses to identify Vass’ key community needs.

The full quarterly progress report for the quarter ended Sept. 30 can be viewed on the Moore County EDP website.

Moore County Economic Development Partnership (MCEDP) is a 501c(3) not-for-profit economic development organization and public-private partnership serving all of Moore County, NC. MCEDP’s mission is to “increase economic prosperity and improve the quality of life for Moore County’s citizens through the creation of quality jobs and capital investment in our communities.”

For more information about MCEDP, please visit www.moorecountyedp.org.

Feature photo: Town of Vass welcome sign by Sandhills Sentinel photographer Melissa Schaub.


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