Welcome to the next installment of Meet Moore People. This series is dedicated to the people all around us who make Moore County a great place to live and work.

Many times we don’t know their name or anything about them. They are the smiling face that helps us in the store, bank, or any of the myriad places we go and interact with people every day.

If you have lived in the Southern Pines area for any amount of time, you have probably had your car washed at some point by Champion Car Wash. They are the perfect place to get the 20 pounds of pollen off your car or to clean up the interior after a bomb (or your children) have had a go at it.

Well then, you probably know Advian Rosagel. Every morning he is there to greet customers, help decide what services they need and then work on getting the interior of your car all sparkling and clean. You know him by his friendly greeting and a ready smile, regardless of how busy or hot it is.

Advian is originally from Mexico and has worked at Champion for over 18 years. He is married with two children.

When asked what he likes best about his job, he responded working with the customers. When he is not taking care of customers at the car wash, he works part-time at the Bell Tree Tavern in Southern Pines.

When asked about what he liked most about Moore County, he answered (not surprisingly) the people.

Champion Car Wash is open Mon.-Sat. from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. If you stop by one morning, be sure to say hi to Advian and thank him for making Moore County a great place.

If you know someone who you think makes Moore County a great place to live and would like to see them profiled in this series, then please send your suggestions to [email protected]

~Written by Sandhills Sentinel Local News/Government Reporter Chris Prentice.           Sandhills_Sentinel
Contact him at [email protected] or (910) 639-9303.


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