Moore County remembers

On Friday at 6:15 p.m., hundreds of citizens from all over Moore County joined with Southern Pines Police Department, Southern Pines Fire Department, and Aberdeen Police Department to remember that fateful American day when 2,977 American citizens lost their lives. 

Moore County Citizens for Freedom coordinated and organized a 9/11 memorial parade to remember lives lost and to celebrate America.

The Moore County police and fire department units provided escort from Spartan Blades in Southern Pines to the Moore County Veteran Memorial in Carthage for a total of 19 miles to commemorate the 19 years that have passed since America suffered its greatest U.S. soil loss of lives since Pearl Harbor Dec. 7, 1941. 

Upon the arrival of the 91 vehicles and 17 police and fire trucks at the Moore County Veteran Memorial, every single participant, approximately 230 personnel, exited their vehicles and met at the memorial with lighters, flashlights and flags to say a prayer and solemnly remember our fallen. 

Very rarely can someone recall where they were at any given day; however, everyone remembers where they were 19 years ago, especially all of our current and retired military service members who call Moore County home.

Friday, Moore County Citizens for Freedom solemnly remembered the fallen and celebrated the actions of the Moore County residents who answered the call and defended our nation.

~Article and photos by Sandhills Sentinel Reporter Scott Olson. 


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