Charles McDowell, Director for Transportation, retires after 25 years.  Charles started his transportation career with the Cumberland County Schools back in 1992 while he worked there for 11 years as the supervisor of transportation for students with disabilities.  He made it his life mission to insure students with behavioral and special/profound disabilities were transported safely to and from schools each day. While at Cumberland County, Charles wrote a manual for his employees that won a national award, and is still in use today across the state, according to Moore County Schools.

Charles second part of his transportation career landed him at Moore County Schools leading their transportation department for 14 years, and he continued to insure that students with disabilities were provided with adequate transportation.  According to Moore County Schools, he also found pride in the excellent school bus safety record he helped create, and the increased level of bus driver training that he brought to Moore County Schools’ transportation program.

Former Cumberland County employees, Moore County Schools’ staff, and Charles’ family members shared stories of him while some shed tears at his retirement celebration to honor his service and 25 years of dedication.



*photo courtesy of moore county schools

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