Moore County Schools has launched a new app that allows users to connect with the district as well as with individual schools with ease and efficiency as part of its continuing effort to promote engagement among its students, parents, staff, and community.

The app is user-friendly with four organized sections. 

The student section has relevant content such as driver’s education and student code of conduct while the parent section contains information on menus and immunizations.

The staff section lists information such as employment opportunities, and the community section holds information about the Public Education Foundation and school board meeting content.

“The new app is a nice compliment to the suite of tools we have available to communicate district news and events,” said Moore County Schools Director for Communications Catherine Murphy.

For families that have multiple children in Moore County Schools, the app has a feature which acts as an aggregate by pulling data from several schools into one location for convenience.

For example, when parents have children in middle school and high school, the families can select those schools to follow and information from both schools will be grouped into one calendar on the app. This feature can also be used to follow social media streams, sports scores, and other events among multiple schools.

“This new app is just one way we are leveraging the use of technology to enhance our communications,” said Moore County Schools Director of Technology Kendt Eklund.

The app can be easily found in the app store on both iOS and Android devices by searching for “Moore County Schools” and downloaded for free.


*Photo courtesy of Moore County Schools

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