We recently had the pleasure of attending The Sunshine Boys at Owens Auditorium and wanted to do a review for those of you thinking about attending. If you are on the fence, get off of it and go buy tickets now!

Robert Wuhl and Don Most team up to bring Neil Simon’s hilarious Sunshine Boys to life onstage at Owens Auditorium. They certainly succeed in this comedy that will leave you laughing out loud. As Al Lewis (Most) and Willie Clark (Wuhl), this duo has so much chemistry and disappear so deeply into their characters that you may temporarily forget their iconic film and television work.

Wuhl brings home the cranky, stubborn, downright ornery role of Clark, and he nails it. Most plays off him with a perfect Lewis and the combination is masterful. Let’s not forget the faithful and very stressed nephew of Clark, Ben, played by the very talented Michael Judson Berry. His struggles to manage his Uncle Willie leave us laughing and sympathizing with the poor guy, and Berry is hysterical.

There’s a lot of talent here–and a great set. This play would not be what it is without the very authentic set design of a small New York apartment and the 1970s wardrobe; the combination makes you feel like you have truly stepped back in time. Judson Theatre Company has once again brought Broadway-quality theatre to the Sandhills in a way that no one could else could do.

Get tickets for the remaining performances at Friday 10/20 at 8 pm; Saturday 10/21 at 2 pm & 8 pm; Sunday 10/22 at 3 pm.


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