County hears police proposal for all schools

Moore County Schools Chief of Police Arthur Frye Monday released an audio recording of a threat that was left on a district voice mailbox on September 7. The threat was left on a district voice mail monitored by the Human Resources department in the Central Office at approximately 5:30 p.m. It was first discovered by a Human Resources department employee on Thursday, September 9, who reported it to law enforcement on Friday, September 10. Warning, the recording below uses profanity.

The message, which was shouted and laced with expletives, denounced face-covering requirements and contained phrases such as “we are going to come for you,” “we’re going to have your asses,” “we’re going to find you,” and “we’re going to find your houses, everything.” Parents who wish to review the message are warned that the tone, content, and language are not appropriate for children.

“Our investigation remains open, but we are in need of additional information,” said MCS Police Chief Arthur Frye. “We are now asking the public’s help in identifying the person who left this disturbing recording.” Anyone with relevant information is urged to contact Chief Frye at 910-986-9747 or MCS Police Captain Rodney Hardy at 910-986-0949.

The message was received amid growing concerns about safety and order at school board meetings in Moore County and across the state and country. In one incident this past July, MCS Police stopped a person from carrying a knife into a school board meeting. A subsequent search of that individual’s vehicle resulted in the discovery of a loaded gun brought illegally onto school system property. While the large majority of citizens are peaceful and orderly at public meetings, law enforcement remains concerned that it only takes one person carrying matters too far to result in tragedy.

“In times such as these, we cannot afford to ignore threatening messages like this and hope for the best,” Chief Frye stated. “It is the duty of law enforcement to take these matters seriously and investigate fully to determine if a crime has been planned or committed and to look out for the safety of school system leaders and the public. We ask for the public’s help in this specific matter and will continue to be vigilant in protecting the safety and wellbeing of everyone who attends a Moore County School Board meeting.”



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