Morganton Road to remain open during roadwork

N.C. Department of Transportation has begun distributing more than $147.5 million in state street-aid to hundreds of municipalities, also known as the Powell Bill fund, across North Carolina, including Moore County.

Powell Bill funds are to be used primarily for the resurfacing of streets within the corporate limits of the municipality but can also help pay for construction, improvements, repairs and maintenance of any street or public thoroughfare, including bridges, drainage systems, and curb and gutter, as well as the planning, construction and maintenance of bikeways, greenways or sidewalks.

“Funding provided through the Powell Bill helps cities and towns pay for needed repairs, maintenance and construction of their transportation network,” said Transportation Secretary Jim Trogdon.

All eleven Moore County municipalities applied for the funds. The amount each municipality receives is based on a formula set by N.C. General Assembly, with 75 percent of it based on population, and 25 percent based on the number of locally maintained street miles.

NCDOT is distributing more than $147.5 million in Powell Bill funds to 508 cities and towns across the state. The initial allocation, almost $73.8 million, was sent out Friday. The next allocation in the same amount will be paid by Dec. 31.

The fund is named for Junius K. Powell, a former state senator and mayor of Whiteville, who was a primary sponsor of the 1951 bill to help the state’s cities with urban road problems. The first allocation of Powell Bill funds was for $4.5 million and was distributed to 386 cities and towns.

A complete list of aid allocations to Moore County municipalites are listed below:

Town                                       Pop.                     Mileage                 Total Allocation

      ~Aberdeen                     7,861                    47                   $226,732
      ~Cameron                         361                      2                    $10,549
      ~Carthage                      2,422                    19                    $77,763
      ~Foxfire                          1,096                    14                    $43,035
      ~Pinebluff                       1,513                    16                    $54,493
      ~Pinehurst                    17,100                   107                  $501,097
     ~Robbins                        1,165                       8                    $34,794
    ~Southern Pines           14,224                      81                  $404,177
    ~Taylortown                       757                        5                   $22,794
    ~Vass                                     799                        9                    $29,938
    ~Whispering Pines         3,521                      34                  $122,352

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