Moore Humane Society raising funds for burned dogs

On Sunday, Jan. 29, two dogs that Moore Humane Society has named Sampson and Sounder were brought to the shelter after being found alongside a road near the Southern Fruitcake Co. Both Sampson and Sounder have serious burns of unknown origin and have been hospitalized for treatment.

Moore Humane Society has been working with HSUS and Chatham County Sheriff’s Department to help identify any individual(s) who may have information on how Sampson and Sounder were burned.

If you have or know of anyone who may have information about how Sampson and Sounder sustained their burns, please contact Chatham County Sheriff’s Office at 919-542-2911 or Moore Humane Society, and they will forward information anonymously.

Because Sampson’s and Sounder’s treatment and recovery will be extensive, the shelter is humbly asking for donations to help pay for their treatment and care. You can mail a check to P.O. Box 203, Southern Pines, NC  28388 or visit their website at or follow the to help with Sampson’s and Sounder’s medical costs.

Additionally, if you are interested in fostering Sampson or Sounder during their recovery, please contact Moore Humane Society. Both Sampson and Sounder are very sweet dogs and deserve a chance to be part of a loving family and home.

Courtesy photos/Contributed.

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