N. Carolina third-graders struggling to meet reading goals

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — An effort championed by North Carolina Senate leader Phil Berger to improve student literacy by third grade would be retooled in new legislation.

Berger stood with education leaders and researchers while unveiling legislation on Monday focusing on the “Read to Achieve” initiative started in 2013.

A 2018 university study examined test scores and found little benefit from the program that’s received over $150 million. Berger says Read to Achieve works well in some places and needs adjustments elsewhere.

The legislation directs teachers to create tailored individual reading plans for at-risk children, following on success in Mississippi. The bill also seeks more literacy training for teachers, giving them incentives to work in summer reading camps.

State Superintendent Mark Johnson and State Board of Education member J.B. Buxton spoke for the legislation.

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