Moore County Sheriff’s Office Animal Services has partnered with Pinckney Academy students intended on fostering positive relationships through mentoring, according to a news release from the Sheriff’s Department. 

Participating Pinckney Academy students will assist Moore County Animal Services at the Animal Shelter by exercising animals, assisting at adoption events and helping with general animal shelter operations. Each participating student is a member of the Pinckney CHAMPS.

The mission of the Pinckney Ambassadors is to empower students to Change Habits And Make Positive Steps in their lives through community service and learning to be mindful of six key objectives: Community, Honor, Accountability, Maturity, Pride, and Service. Using the CHAMPS acronym to develop the focus of this program, according to Pinckney Academy. 

Pinckney administrators hope to encourage a culture of teamwork between students, teachers, parents, Sheriff’s Deputies and the community.

Headed up by Pinckney’s Celeste Marino, CHAMPS students’ have daily meetings with their mentors discussing successes as well as areas of improvement. Every Friday, students complete a self-assessment referred as the CHAMPS Rubric; students must complete at least 34 of the 42 expectations on the rubric in order to earn the honor of being a Pinckney Ambassador.

Since partnering with Moore County Sheriff’s Office, Pinckney CHAMPS have raised funds for the Animal Shelter and all CHAMPS students will attend volunteer training. Volunteer training will enable CHAMPS students to safely handle dogs and cats, conduct basic maintenance duties, learn how to assist at adoption events, kennel care, and general Animal Shelter duties, according to Sheriff Godfrey.

“I am ecstatic for this relationship,” said Sheriff Neil Godfrey. “It provides the Sheriff’s Office with another opportunity to engage the future of this county and that is our youth. The majority of contact law enforcement has with the public happen during emergencies or emotional situations. Those situations are not always the most effective times for relationship-building. Having CHAMPS students interacting with deputies and Moore County Sheriff’s Office personnel is a win-win for everyone. I am extremely grateful to Celeste and the Pinckney Academy Team for their partnership.”

Please be on the lookout for Pinckney CHAMPS in and around the community raising funds for the Moore County Sheriff’s Office Animal Shelter.

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