The winners of the annual Pinehurst Christmas Decorating Contest were announced by Mayor Pro Tem Judy Davis at a recent Village Council meeting.

In a change from last year, entries were not only accepted from the Village Historic District but from all residents and business locations in Pinehurst.


2nd place residential went to Robin and Kendal Leonard.

A total of 19 submissions in the residential category where received, however, two of them were not eligible since they are located within a gated community.

A group of volunteer judges included Burt Higgins of the Village Beautification Committee; Mickey Foster, CEO First Health, Scott Lincicome, principal for Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate and former golf professional; Joan Owen, past President CCNC Garden Club; Staff Sergeant Rob Shriner; and David Sinclair, Managing Editor of The Pilot.


Dick and Kathy Newcomb won 3rd place residential category.

The first-place winner was awarded to Tony and Yvonne Chempinski on Park Court by unanimous decision by the committee.

In announcing the decision, Ms. Davis said that Mr. Chempinski was a former electrician and that the display included 45,000 lights.


Dugans Pub took home first place for commercial category.

Second place went to Robin and Kendal Leonard on Wicker Lane. Third place was awarded to Dick and Kathy Newcomb on McLean Road, the former church built by James Walker Tufts.

In the commercial category, the Corner Store located at 1 Market Square in the Village placed first, and second place went to Dugan’s Pub right next door.


The Coner Store won 2nd place commercial category.

Feature photo: First-place residential winner Tony and Yvonne Chempinski.

~Article and photographs by Sandhills Sentinel Reporter John Patota.


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