UPDATE: Sadly, Sophia didn’t make it and passed away Friday. Charlie is recovering well and is at home now.

To lose a home in a fire is devastating enough, but to have your family pets injured can be heartbreaking. Two dogs were rescued by firefighters from a house fire Wednesday on Lena Circle in Aberdeen. Those dogs remain at the vet, and one is not doing so well.

Sandhills Sentinel reached out to owner Jennifer Crabtree Pratt, and she is asking for prayers for her beloved dogs.


The fire broke out at Pratt’s home Wednesday afternoon ~Sandhills Sentinel/Chris Prentice.

Sophia, 9, was kept overnight and is receiving IV fluids and oxygen and is still struggling. She is developing fluid in her lungs and is having a hard time breathing.

Charlie, 4, was doing better Wednesday evening but is now with his sister at Pinetree Animal Hospital in Aberdeen as he started vomiting from all the coughing overnight.

They are both in what is called an “oxygen box” to help them breathe better and hopefully heal.

Pratt went on to say that the care both dogs received at Sandhills Emergency Vet  last night was amazing, and everyone has been so kind. The dogs will remain at Pinetree Animal Hospital until they recover.

Pratt said prayers are appreciated.

Contributed Feature photo of Sophia and Charlie.

To read story on the fire, please click on below link/picture.

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