Shed destroyed during morning fire

A small fire a homeowner thought was out rekindled during a windy Saturday morning and burned down their shed near Woodlake Country Club outside of Vass. The fire sparked from some leftover coals in a small contained fire early in the morning behind the home on Eddie M Lane, a dirt road off Lobelia Road near the county line.

The wind picked up some hot coals and sparked a small brush fire that quickly consumed the shed in flames. 

Multiple departments in the area responded to the scene to assist with the fire, but the shed was destroyed.

Crains Creek Fire Chief Kenny Mackey told Sandhills Sentinel that anyone burning outside should ensure there is no wind and that the fire is completely out with no hot coals left.

NC Forest Service and the Moore County Sheriff’s Office were on scene investigating.

~Article and photo by Sandhills Sentinel reporter Daniel Gwyn.

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