By Donna Stephens Johnson, LMBT, MMP, Owner of Utopia Spa in Aberdeen, guest columnist.

Many of us are learning and feeling the benefits of massage for the muscles in various parts of the body. However, not many of us know about the powerful benefits of stomach or abdominal massage.

Donna Stephens Johnson, LMBT, MMP, owner of Utopia Spa

Abdominal massage produces many health benefits, and not all of them are limited to the tummy area. This skillful process can not only heal momentary ailments such as constipation, bloating, and irritable bowel syndrome, but can also be a valuable treatment in relieving pain from abdominal adhesions from scar tissue and digestive issues related to stress or medication.

Abdominal massage can be performed in combination with an all over body massage or as a specific treatment for abdominal relief. When performed regularly, abdominal massage can be a contributing factor to lifelong wellness.

Improves Digestion – It is not at all uncommon for the digestive process to become interrupted with the addition of significant stress or tension. A firm and intentional abdominal massage not only will stimulate your digestive system, but can aid your colon in moving waste through your system to help alleviate issues with constipation, bloating and gas. If abdominal massage is done regularly, then it can help you get rid of various digestive issues forever.

Internal Organs – Various essential organs like the liver, colon, diaphragm, small intestine and gallbladder are located in the abdominal area of the human body. Abdominal massage also stimulates your internal organs, including your gall bladder and liver. Increased blood and oxygen flow may help to improve organ function. In the case of your gall bladder and liver, improved function means more efficient release and removal of waste products. Improved blood circulation benefits the blood vessels of the entire abdominal cavity. 

Bowel Movements – Abdominal massages can stimulate bowel movements that can become irregular or infrequent due to stress, dietary issues, medication, or other health consideration. The muscles of the bowels require some form of stimulation in order to maintain peristalsis (successive waves of involuntary contractions to force contents onward). If the peristalsis does not occur, the movement of the bowels becomes sluggish or nearly stops.

Abdominal Surgery – After having had abdominal surgery, we see the outside scar but don’t think about the inner scars – tough tissue bands that form between abdominal tissues and organs that can develop after surgery. The amount of scar tissue can vary from person to person, however, abdominal adhesions make your normally slippery internal tissues and organs stick together. They can also twist and pull your small or large intestines causing obstructions. And that can cause pain.

Alleviate Stress Related Issues – Anxiety and stress can often lead to that feeling of having a “knot in the gut”. Along with that uneasy feeling, many times you can experience abdominal aches accompanied by gas and pain.

Psychological Benefits – The practice of abdominal massage can contribute not only to various aspects of physical wellness but to psychological well-being too. Abdominal massage provides peace of mind and relief from stress. Massage helps prevent your abdomen from being a storehouse of tension. When your body feels better, your mind is at peace. An appropriate abdominal massage can increase the effectiveness of all surrounding organs, ease the tension associated with those organs, and release the inner emotions carried in the core.

By increasing stimulation of blood flow to the abdominal region and physically stimulating the intestines, you can help keep your digestive system running at peak efficiency by adding abdominal massage to your health and wellness regimen. Abdominal massage on a regular basis will cause improvement of overall gastrointestinal wellness and can also help with maintaining gastrointestinal health over the long term.

According to health experts at Mayo Clinic, massage has many healthful benefits, including helping you to unwind. The soothing effect of stomach massage can help to alleviate these uncomfortable and at times painful symptoms, as well as decrease the overall feeling of stress by helping you enter a state of relaxation.

Utopia Spa offers abdominal massage services. If you have tummy issues with constipation, IBS, stress, gas, bloating or upset stomach, call us today and make an appointment. You will be glad you did.

We are located at 604 Magnolia Drive, Aberdeen NC. 910-757-0415. We hope to see you soon.








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