transitional advancement center addressed at board

During the Aberdeen Town Meeting on Aug. 24, the Board of Commissioners said they were in great financial shape.

“We’re above where we should be,” said Butch Watson, finance director.

The preliminary General Fund is approximately $738,000 over expenditures, which is approximately 7.965% over projections. The preliminary Water & Sewer Fund is approximately $457,000 over expenditures, which is approximately 12.864% over projections.

Watson also indicated the June 30, 2020 Cash Deposits and Investments for the Town were at $7,295,031, an increase of $787,253 (12.097%) from June 30, 2019.

In other meeting business, the board agreed to purchase a KM T-2 Asphalt Recycling Machine at a price not to exceed $83,500 after the existing machine broke which led to wasted man-hours, employee safety issues, delayed repairs and roadway safety concerns.

During the public comment period, Team Workz founder and director Cliff W. Brown spoke on homelessness and the need for a transitional advancement center. He said that there were no shelters for men in Moore County, but there are for women and for families. A transitional advancement center would not only offer shelter but “programs to transition into jobs,” he said.

Brown said there were not enough CARES Act funds directed to Moore County and that COVID-19 caused more people to lose jobs and become homeless.

He told the Board about a 62-year-old retired bus driver who lives in a van and has dialysis three days a week. He had parked in the hospital parking lot until told to leave and moved his van every few hours to different parking lots. His van broke down and is now in a temporary place, but “we don’t know how long that will last,” Brown said, “We need a building.”

Brown has helped pass out hygiene items, food, blankets, and helped human trafficking victims and said that there are agencies ready to help as soon as there is a building in place for the area’s homeless. He said that people are invited to donate at the Team Workz website.

Also, Town Manager Paul Sabiston introduced a plan to work with the staff on generating studies for new good clean affordable sites for new wells.

“Water is 100% clean,” he said, and “we want to be protective.”

The Street Lighting Policy and the Water Leak Adjustment Policy were approved.

Written by Sandhills Sentinel Journalism Intern Stephanie M. Sellers.

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