The Moore County Board of Education was briefed on the building of new schools February 3. John Birath, the executive director for operations, provided the update at the board’s work session.

Among the schools undergoing construction or renovation are the new McDeeds Creek Elementary, the new Aberdeen Elementary, the new Southern Pines Elementary, North Moore High School and the new Pinehurst Elementary.

Aberdeen Elementary was originally scheduled to be finished January 24. The contractor plans to have the project done February 29. Progress is being closely monitored by the design team and staff.

Video courtesy of Moore County Schools.

Southern Pines Elementary is slated to be completed September 17, 2020. The school will open January 1, 2021. It was reported the contractor, Monteith Construction, is on schedule and has met all key milestones. To date, 45 percent of the construction timeline has passed.

The addition and renovation at North Moore High School has a completion date of August 9. Monteith Construction is operating according to the designated schedule. As of the briefing, 48 percent of the construction timeline has passed, while 37 percent of money due the contractor has been paid.

Thus far, the project hasn’t required usage of any contingency or inflation funds remaining from the award of the contract.

The asbestos abatement is done at the new Pinehurst Elementary. Additionally, geothermal drilling has started at the site. The foundation for the school’s gymnasium and cafeteria is finished.

Thomas Construction, the associated contractor, has been paid 7 percent of money due. Substantial completion is scheduled for March 8, 2021.

Along with numbers related to each project – and status reports – board members were shown photos from the construction locations.

“It’s been a good, good, good winter,” Birath said.

The work session also included an update on staffing for student support services. Information was provided on the current status and continued areas of need for personnel necessary for the overall health and well being of students.

The update was delivered by Dr. Seth Powers, who serves as director of student support services, and Lucinda Dedmond.

Feature photo of Aberdeen Elementary School on Highway 5 ~ Sandhills Sentinel.

~Written by Sandhills Sentinel Reporter Dave Lukow.

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