Watch My Wag was recently recognized by Sheriff Neil Godfrey and the Moore County Sheriff’s Office Animal Services for their efforts during Hurricane Florence.

Godfrey presented a plaque of appreciation to Renae and Justin Wheaton, owners of Watch My Wag in Southern Pines, for the assistance they provided to the Moore County Sheriff’s Office Animal Services Shelter during the hurricane.

 “It’s wonderful partners like Renae and Justin Wheaton who contribute to the success of our animal operations,” said Sheriff Neil Godfrey. “They boarded several animals for Moore County residents who were evacuated during Hurricane Florence.  Their assistance helped both these families and Animal Services.” 

When Watch My Wag heard there was a mandatory evacuation for the Woodlake area, the Wheatons immediately headed out to help. They offered families a safe haven for their pets, who were unable to evacuate with their owners. They also called the local fire department to offer assistance if they found, or heard of, animals that were left behind.

“We then got a call from Moore County Sheriff’s Animal Service asking to accommodate some dogs that needed to be moved from their shelter during the storm,” said Renae. “We took all 22.” 

The dogs ended up staying a whole week and the Wheaton family moved into the Watch My Wag facility. They slept on air mattresses in order to make sure everyone was safe during the storm, family and animals alike. 

At one point, there were over 100 animals at Watch My Wag during the storm.  That is a lot of petting, scratching, and rubbing behind the ears.

“As community members, we feel it is our obligation to help our neighbors in need, and that includes the four legged ones as well,” said Renae.

Watch My Wag is located in Southern Pines at 259 Commerce Avenue. They offer boarding, day play, training and grooming.


Photo courtesy of Moore County Sheriff’s Office.


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