Young pair shows wisdom, concern

A lot of good food gets wasted. Mallory and Nathan Gaddy aim to change that.

The owners of MoCommunity Freedge, located in Southern Pines, the brother-sister tandem want people to feel comfortable taking and giving at their refrigerator.

“Food is a sacred thing and should not be thrown out,” Nathan, who’s been accepted at UNC Charlotte, said.

Because what’s in the fridge can be had for free, those unfamiliar with the process can be confused.

“They ask what it is,” Nathan said. “It’s not really a charity thing.”

Mallory, a student at Union Pines High, first raised the prospect of getting started.

“There was definitely a need for it,” Nathan said.

By September 2022, things were up and running. The location, at the Coalition Resale Shops at 1117 W Pennsylvania Ave., wasn’t the top choice but has proven an asset.

“It’s turned out better than anywhere we could’ve picked,” Mallory said.

Freedge, which has a presence in several nations, is designed to lessen food waste and insecurity. The public refrigerators provide food at the neighborhood level.

While the Gaddys are glad to be associated with the organization, they aren’t planning to open in another spot.

“One is enough for us,” Nathan, who has experience at restaurants and a bank, said.

Despite having his hands full, Nathan is trying to help Freedge up its presence in the region.

“I’ve been reaching out to other cities that want to get involved,” he said. “Ultimately, they would like to have five in the area.”

Some save the spirit of giving for Christmas – and other holidays – but that’s not the case for Mallory and Nathan. From what they said, their involvement is based on commitment to cause.

“It’s gratifying,” Mallory said. “When you’re actually doing it, it’s a great feeling.”

She also encouraged others to engage in similar endeavors.

“It’s so doable,” Mallory said. “We enjoy doing it.”

According to guidelines, among foodstuffs to donate are fresh produce, dairy, juice, water and nonperishable items. Snacks and sealed deli selections are also available.

For safety reasons, no open or expired products can be accepted.

For more information on Freedge, go to:

To contact MoCommunity Freedge, call 910-783-8789.

Feature photo: Mallory Gaddy gives thumbs-up in front of the community refrigerator in Southern Pines/Contributed picture.

~Written by Sandhills Sentinel Reporter Dave Lukow.


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