Sandhills Lacrosse Association recently traveled to Duke University and NC State for a tournament and a clinic.

Student athletes from Moore County last month traveled to Duke University to compete in their Second Annual Modified Seven on Seven Tournament.


Zach Lessman (Union Pines) warms up prior to game one at Duke University.

During the tournament, the athletes, ages 12 -18, were coached by Jason Friedan, Tim Ripley and Carlson Chow.

To prep before their tournament at Duke, SLA conducted their Second Annual Lacrosse Clinic in November.  The student athletes traveled to NC State to hone their lacrosse skills. 


Men’s NC State and Sandhills Warriors prepare for first drill.

The athletes, ranging in ages 7 to 18, received instructions and coaching from collegiate student athletes at NC State.

SLA is based just down the road from Union Pines High School and ‘aspires to grow youth, high school, collegiate, and adult lacrosse programs in the Sandhills/greater Moore County area whose athletes are recognized for their scholarship, service, leadership, and achievements in the community, in the classroom, and on the field of competition.’


Sarah Colby (NC State) provides instructions on girls lacrosse. 

If you are interested in joining SLA, please visit their website at They are also on Facebook. You can email them for more information at


Melody Ripley (Union Pines) moves to the next drill. 

Feature photo: 12-18 year old student athletes from Moore County are pictured with the head coach of men’s lacrosse at Duke University along with SLA coaches Jason Friedan, Tim Ripley and Carlson Chow. All pictures courtesy of SLA.


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