In case you haven’t noticed, Aberdeen parks have received a recent face-lift. Aberdeen Lake, Sharpe, and Berkley Parks are sporting new equipment as part of a winter project to bring good times and memories to Moore County children and families.


Four new swings at Aberdeen Lake Park

Four swings have been added to Aberdeen Lake Park, located at the corner of Lakeshore Dr. and U.S. Hwy 1. More importantly, two of those swings are specifically designed for children with disabilities and are ADA approved. The ADA swings have a shoulder harness that can be used as tot swings or swings for children with disabilities, according to Aberdeen’s bi-monthly newsletter, The Bon Accord.  It has been several years since Aberdeen Lake Park has had swings, and this is a welcome addition to the growing park.


New play structure at Sharpe Park replacing the old wooden one

Sharpe Park, located on W. Maple Avenue, has been completely renovated over the last two years. It now has the latest play equipment with the newest piece adding a variety of challenges consisting of climbing walls and ladders, a balance beam, and a ring bridge which replaces the old wooden play structure.


New climber & Tilted Sky Runner  at Berkley Park

Berkley Park on Keyser Street, just past Aberdeen Primary School, was also on the face lift project.  The park received two new pieces of playground equipment, according to the newsletter.  A new climber and a Red Tilted Sky Runner has been added for the neighborhood children.  The idea behind the sky runner is “to reach up and grab on to be spun around while hanging on.”


Aberdeen Lake Walking Trail

In addition to the new playground equipment. The Aberdeen Lake Walking Trail is being updated as well. The project started in February, and the trail has been cleared from underbrush and trip hazards have been removed as well. Issues such as drainage and erosion have been resolved. Rocks have been added to the walking trail and the edges of the trail have been cleared. The renovations should be completed by early April.

“We were very excited that the Town Manager and Commissioners gave us this opportunity to improve the parks. Aberdeen Lake Park is a town treasure and focal point, and the trail is a central piece of that. We were able to make significant improvements to the trail by vastly reducing the grown up brush and removing old dilapidated buildings along the trail, fixing and rerouting water and erosion issues, widening and improving the surfacing, and moving the trail in areas to bring in more natural areas,” said Aberdeen’s Parks and Recreation Director, Adam Crocker.

“Another request I have heard frequently since I have been in Aberdeen is for swings at the Lake Park Playground. We were not only able to install these, including two ADA swings for children with disabilities, but also finish the Sharpe Park Playground renovation project and add new equipment at the Berkley Park Playground. This new equipment will bring greater and more diverse play opportunities to these two neighborhood parks,” added Crocker.

The town has a future goal of improving the woodwork on the extended bridge crossing the lake.  Come check out the updated parks; you’ll be glad you did.

Feature photo: New fence at Aberdeen Lake


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