Authorities were dispatched to a three car accident at the intersection of Hwy 73 and Murdocksville Road in West End at approximately 12:20 p.m. Thursday afternoon.   A Honda CRV was headed north on Murdocksville Road, and it ran a stop sign at the intersection of Hwy 73.  The Honda struck a Cadillac Escalade traveling west on Hwy 73. The impact sent the Escalade careening off the side of the road, and spinning around with it coming to a stop facing the direction it was originally traveling.  The Escalade suffered extensive damage as did the Honda.  A third vehicle was also struck with moderate damage in the accident.  An 11 year old passenger of the Escalade was transported to Moore Regional Hospital with non-life threatening injuries.  Responding to the scene were Eastwood Fire Department, Pinehurst Fire Department, and Moore County EMS.

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