Cameron grad student seeks Christian testimonies

A Liberty University graduate student, from Cameron, Moore County, is seeking testimonies from people who were inspired to believe in the supernatural world of Christianity after watching a film, movie, or TV show. 

The film, movie, or TV show may be secular or a Christian production.

Consider secular productions like Snow White when she was praying, Toy Story, The Chronicles of Narnia, Pulp Fiction, The Battle of Gettysburg, and Star Wars. There are Christian messages in many films not labeled as Christian. Did one of those messages plant a seed of faith?

Consider Christian films like The Jesus Film, The Passion, and War Room. Did a Christian film change your life?

If you were inspired by a screen production email [email protected].

All testimonies will be vetted and considered. If your testimony is used in the student’s dissertation, you will receive $50 and a copy of the research paper.

Listen to The Shield 100.7 FM for the radio advertisement.

Feature photo: Luke Skywalker from Star Wars is ready to fight dark forces. Photo via Lucasfilm.


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