The Moore County Commissioners met on Tuesday and dealt with a broad range of items.

The commissioners heard and approved a request from the Sandhills Community College Board of Trustees to accelerate the release of $20 million in bonds approved for the nursing education facility from the end of calendar year 2021 to the end of calendar year 2020. Advance planning and schematic design has been completed, and it is expected the final construction documents will be completed by the 4th quarter of 2020, meaning that bidding and construction contract can be awarded immediately after.

It is estimated that by advancing the issuance of the bonds one year, in light of the continuing escalation of construction costs, will save almost $800,000. The new facility is expected to have a significant impact on the area, with a total economic/salary impact of over $5.2 million. This figure is taking into account the salary of existing and new nursing candidates.

Moore County residents overwhelmingly approved $20 million in general obligation bonds in a May 2018 primary election. The initial fiscal analysis assumed the bonds would be issued at the end of fiscal year 2021 so that the first debt service payment would take place in fiscal year 2022.

Commissioner Louis Gregory said there is a need to move forward with the construction.

“I think it is commendable that we are able to go forward with this nursing building,” said Gregory.  “It is needed, and it will enable us to graduate needed nurses earlier.”

The board voted 5-0 to approve the request.

In other business, the board approved a request from a store owner in Sheffield Township for a proposition to add the sale of unfortified wine and malt beverages off-premise. Commissioner Ritter commented that it would be better to allow the voters to decide. The board approved the motion 5-0, meaning that Sheffield Township voters will vote on it in April 2020 during the primary elections.

The board also approved the purchase of replacement computers for EMS, totaling almost $85,000.

The next scheduled board meeting is November 5.

~ Rendering drawing of nursing education facility courtesy of Moore County.

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