On November 6, 2017 at approximately 7:00 p.m., Officer Ryan Bullock and Master Patrol Officer Keith Gorham responded to a report of an unconscious person at a residence located in the Holly Pines neighborhood.

Upon arrival, they located a 46-year-old male who was not breathing and had no pulse. They quickly assessed the situation and found signs of narcotic use and the potential of an overdose and immediately began life-saving measures.

While MPO Gorham began CPR, Officer Bullock retrieved his NARCAN kit from his vehicle and administered two separate doses to the victim. EMS arrived and asked that CPR be paused briefly to check for signs of life. EMS found the victim to be “flat-lined” with no signs of life.

The officers once again began CPR. After several minutes, the victim began to move and within 10 minutes the victim was breathing on his own and conscious.

Both officers were determined and dedicated to saving the victim’s life and went above and beyond to do so. The actions of these officers reflect the Village of Pinehurst’s core values of service, initiative, teamwork, and improvement.

Chief Phipps will award Officer Bullock and Master Patrol Officer Gorham with the department’s lifesaving service medals at a future ceremony.

Feature photo: L,R, Gorham, Bullock

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