Moore County Sheriff’s Deputies Lieutenant Tim Davis and Detective Sergeant Shane Fogle provided New Century STEM Camp students an introduction to the Moore County Sheriff’s Office Drone Program.

LT Davis and Det. SGT Fogle spoke to students on the many applications of drones, and how the Moore County Sheriff’s Office employs them to better serve the citizens of Moore County. 

According to a new report compiled by the Center for the Study of the Drone, a research institute based out of Bard College in New York, law enforcement uses more drones than other type of public safety agency.  For example, 63% of public safety agencies that uses drones are police department while fire departments account for only 20% of drone usage.  Police have realized that drones are very useful in finding suspects as well as stolen items.

STEM Camp is hands on based opportunity to learn science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) concepts in a fun atmosphere taught by Moore County School teachers over a 4-day program. All Students who are entering the 3rd through 10th grade are welcomed.

STEM students will be programming drones to fly, designing/3D printing/testing wings using wind tunnels, programming robots, launching rockets and much more. At the conclusion of camp, students will tour the Moore County Airport and talk to Airport Mechanics, Pilots, Air Traffic Controllers.

Pictures below were taken by a drone, and they are courtesy of Moore County Sheriff’s Office.


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