Sandhills Classical Christian School: 'God is good'

Sandhills Classical Christian School has had a 90% enrollment increase and is breaking ground on another building in late October. There is a waiting list for new students, and the school, including preschool, has 463 students.

Headmaster Dell Cook said the Village of Whispering Pines has had open arms for the school, and the school community has helped fund the construction.

The community has raised $1.13 million toward the goal of $1.5 million for the upcoming construction of the Arts and Athletics Center.

“God is good,” Cook said.

Academic Dean Ryan Baker said the usual hurdles for transfer students are maneuvering schedules and particular classes not taught in public schools. If transfer students haven’t had logic and rhetoric classes, they are enrolled in those classes, so they can keep up with the student body.

“Speaking becomes a major component of the classical classroom,” Baker said about rhetoric.

According to the school’s website, the mission of Sandhills Classical Christian School is to create curiosity for lifelong learners. Teaching students to seek truth, to be evidential, and to find biblical connections to each cultural sphere of life forms adults who know how to discuss controversial issues, and ultimately seek solutions.

In the video below, Headmaster Dell Cook in the dark blazer, Academic Dean Ryan Baker and Director of Advancement Gene Liechty discuss the schools’ growth with Sandhills Sentinel Journalist Stephanie Sellers.


Cook said inspiring young learners with a sense of wonder, to make them desire the beautiful, helps them become curious to seek truth.

Gene Liechty is the director of advancement and said the school teaches classic fundamentals, including cursive writing and times tables.

“Some old ways are the best ways,” Liechty said.

Learn more about Sandhills Classical Christian School at their website.

Feature photo: The architectural rendering of the upcoming Arts and Athletics building was shared on August 18 with the public.

~Article and video by Sandhills Sentinel Reporter Stephanie M. Sellers. Contact her at [email protected].

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