Good Samaritans help in head-on crash

Three people were injured in a head-on collision near Carthage on Saturday. The crash happened on Highway 15-501 near Red Branch Road shortly after 3 p.m.

Sandhills Sentinel reporter Patrick Priest heard the crash from a nearby house. There was a loud boom followed by tire screeches.

Instantly, Priest knew it was a bad collision and ran to the scene to find a Honda Civic in a yard against a bush with significant damage to the front and driver sides. Priest checked on the occupants of that vehicle and ran down to the second vehicle, where other witnesses stopped to help that driver.

Good Samaritans help in crash

A Honda Civic sustains heavy damage in a head-on collision in Carthage on July 1.

The second vehicle, a Toyota Corolla, was down an embankment and partially submerged in a creek. The driver of the Corolla was able to climb out the back door and up the embankment on his own.

Bystanders helped direct traffic until emergency crews arrived on the scene. Carthage Fire Department immediately closed Highway 15-501 between Red Branch Road and Kelly Road.

Troopers with N.C. State Highway Patrol investigated the crash and determined the driver of the Corolla fell asleep while traveling toward Carthage and veered into the lane of the Civic traveling toward Sanford. The driver of the Civic tried to swerve to avoid the collision, but the two vehicles made contact which forced both off the road.

The Civic spun around and stopped against a bush in a yard. The Corolla went off the left side of the road, down a ditch, and hit a tree which caused the vehicle to flip into a creek.

The two occupants of the Civic were checked out at the scene, and the driver sustained an arm injury. The passenger was not physically hurt.

The single occupant of the Corolla had minor injuries and was seen bleeding from his hand. He initially refused medical attention at the scene but was convinced to go to the hospital by first responders. Moore County EMS transported all involved to FirstHealth Moore Regional for further treatment.

Troopers told Sandhills Sentinel that the driver of the Corolla did not show signs of impairment and would be charged in the incident.

Once the Corolla was removed from the creek, some fluids from the car leaked into the water, and a crew was brought in to contain and clean up the leak.

Feature photo: A Toyota Corolla lands in a ditch after a two-vehicle crash in Carthage on July 1.

Photos by Patrick Priest/Sandhills Sentinel.

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