Moore County Schools has rolled out a new app that allows parents and students to track the real-time location of their school bus on a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Entitled “Here Comes the Bus,” the app allows users to see the location of their bus both before and after school, as well as confirm their bus has arrived at their pickup/dropoff location and at school. The app also features push notifications on iPhone and Android devices or an email message when the bus is a certain distance from a pickup/dropoff location.

“With this app, parents will have all the information they need to send their child to the bus pickup location at just the right time, help to protect them from being along the roadway or out in inclement weather longer than necessary,” said Moore County Schools Director for Transportation Kevin Griffin. “And, it gives parents peace of mind knowing their child hasn’t missed the bus.”

The Here Comes the Bus app can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play. When registering, the app code for Moore County Schools is 74540.

Parents will need to add their children’s PowerSchool identification number to track their child’s bus. If parents do not have their child’s PowerSchool identification number, please contact your child’s school.

For more information, please visit the Moore County Schools Transportation Department webpage at or by phone 910-947-5481.  


Photo courtesy of Moore County Schools

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