Learning outside of the box at The Relatable Learner 

Local educator Holly Webb — along with her canine counterpart, golden retriever Lilah — opened The Relatable Learner in Carthage this past fall as a means to provide young learners of the Sandhills with the resources and experiences needed to get ahead in life.

Learners of all abilities can partake in lessons that help them reach their untapped potential. The Relatable Learner currently serves children ages 3 to 7 and recently spearheaded the “Busy Towners group” for learners ages 12 to 18, primarily focusing on life skills and community immersion. Small group sessions allow learners to refine skills without becoming overwhelmed.

“My absolute favorite part has been meeting the most wonderful families,” explained Holly, founder and sole owner. “I created this space as a haven of support, love, and encouragement — it’s an incredible feeling to see it come to fruition. Each family has a unique story, and my passion is creating individualized plans of support for their child, which, in turn, allows a collaborative and effective approach. I can hear their stories, learn about their child’s strengths, passions, and talents. It’s truly my dream job.”

Holly, who currently calls Ellerbe home and has been in and out of Moore County all her life, saw her dreams come true when she and mascot Lilah opened The Relatable Learner last October. Now, her Carthage-based operation aims to allow young learners to have access to the tools and resources necessary for success.

Learning outside of the box at Relatable Learner 

The Relatable Learner is located in Carthage at 1016 Monroe Street.

“One thing that every single business owner told me was, ‘Don’t stray from your passion — focus on your passion.’ That has and will always be my top priority and primary focus,” Holly said, and Lilah wagged her tail in agreement. “I full-heartedly believe that the solution to our education crisis is far easier to tackle than one may believe. We have the ingredients; we’re simply making the wrong recipe.”

According to Holly, integrating language development, sensory support, social/emotional learning, and fine and gross motor-based activities are critical preventive measures in the regular education classroom. “Hence, my mission statement: ‘utilizing related services as the driving force behind academic instruction.’ I have taught in public, charter, and private school sectors — this solution is applicable to every child in every setting,” she noted.

With a master’s degree in Post Secondary Special Education and Transition and over 10 years working in education, Holly is well-versed in her trade and equipped to provide young learners with early academic skills, social skills, fine motor and writing skills, and sensory support for literacy and math tasks.

Learning outside of the box The Relatable Learner 

A play area at The Relatable Learner.

In addition, Lilah, Holly’s three-year-old golden retriever, is on-site to create a welcoming, homey environment for all who enter. Holly recounts how the children love reading to Lilah and showing off new skills they’ve learned, promoting self-esteem and providing a calming effect. Lilah, who is as sweet and gentle as they come, loves the children and welcomes — even basks in — all the extra attention. Her unconditional care and gentle demeanor make her the perfect mascot for The Relatable Learner.

Holly is more than happy to accommodate each child and devise the most effective plan for each child’s abilities, goals, and resources. Working with parents, Holly can create lessons, programs, activities, and experiences that aid students in gaining access to skills needed to be successful, from social skills to problem-solving.

Moving forward, Holly hopes to help more Moore County families find the extra helping hand they’ve been searching for. “The Relatable Learner helps children of all ability levels and is passionate about finding appropriate resources and support for their families,” said Holly. “I love meeting and chatting with families in person, email, or via direct message. Parent consultations are also available to provide direct and meaningful support for your child.”

Interested families are encouraged and welcome to contact Holly at any time. All future courses, pricing, and details can be found on The Relatable Learner’s Facebook page. Additional details can be found at www.relatablelearner.com.

Feature photo: Holly Webb, owner of The Relatable Learner, and her mascot, Lilah.

~Article and photos by Sandhills Sentinel reporter Abegail Murphy. 

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