Man hospitalized after medical episode at Pinehurst Beach Club

A local man was hospitalized after suffering a medical episode while swimming at Pinehurst Beach Club on Thursday afternoon. Around 1:20 p.m., first responders received a call alerting them to a man in distress in the water, and the scene rapidly developed into a collective effort to save the man’s life.   

According to Pinehurst Fire Deputy Chief Derrick Clouston, the man was swimming with family and friends when he suffered a medical episode. He was speaking to others on the shore at the time of the incident, and those nearby quickly recognized that he was in distress and sought help.

Lifeguards initiated rescue efforts, retrieved the man, and were able to bring him to shore. Once they determined he was no longer breathing, they began CPR and other life-saving measures.

In a group effort to save the man, a Pinehurst Police officer and bystanders also assisted in administering CPR.

“Together, we worked as fast as we could and made all the efforts we could to get him back,” said Deputy Chief Clouston.

Though UNC Carolina Air Care was on standby, first responders were ultimately able to place the patient on a stretcher and transport him to FirstHealth Moore Regional Hospital via ambulance. His condition is currently unknown at this time.

The incident was initially reported as a drowning, but the man never went underwater and remained above the surface the entire time.

Responding to the scene were Moore County EMS, the Pinehurst Police Department, and the Pinehurst Fire Department. 

~Article and photo by Sandhills Sentinel Reporter Abegail Murphy.

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