Moore County Sheriff Deputy’s compassion and quick thinking save the life of a suspect during a drug search warrant, according to a news release by Moore County Sheriff’s Office.

Based on multiple complaints from concerned citizens and after a thorough investigation, Moore County Sheriff’s deputies executed a Search Warrant of a residence in the Lobelia are of Moore County.  During the search, Lieutenant Crutchfield noticed a personality shift in one of our female suspects. Through her investigative, interview, observation and leadership skills, Lieutenant Crutchfield determined that our female suspect had consumed a large amount of narcotics in an attempt to hide them from deputies. Realizing the danger that she [suspect] was in, without hesitation, Lieutenant Crutchfield immediately began coordinating for Emergency Medical care. Ultimately the suspect’s condition deteriorated to the point where she required resuscitation and admittance into Moore Regional Intensive Care Unit. The good news is that her Doctor expects that she will make a full recovery.

“This suspect is someone’s daughter and someone’s little girl. If not for the great efforts of Shawn Crutchfield, this daughter, mom, niece, through no fault of ours, may have died in our interview room or in our detention center. Lieutenant Crutchfield’s actions saved her life and were heroic,” Sheriff Godfrey Said.

Sheriff Godfrey went on to say that “our public may never know the sacrifices and contributions each of our deputies make every day and I couldn’t be prouder to be a part of this Team.”  

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