Mynde's Sweet Morsels: A melting pot of tradition

Blending rich family heritage with a passion for culinary craftsmanship, Mynde’s Sweet Morsels has served the Sandhills with delicious cookies and assorted baked goods for the past year. Based out of Carthage, Mynde Turner’s baking business has been nothing short of a treat for those who have ordered. 

Beneath the surface, Mynde’s Sweet Morsels is more than just baked goods; it’s a celebration of tradition.

“I come from a long line of home bakers — and one professional baker — spanning over 4 generations,” Mynde explained. “Both my family and I have been influenced by trends, preferred flavors, and culture. It is my great grandmothers, grandma, mom, and dad who I credit my skills.” 

Mynde grew up in Western Pennsylvania, about an hour north of Pittsburgh and close to the Ohio border.

“It was a time and a place that caused me to firmly believe everyone in the world had a clothesline, a garden, and was willing to lend an egg or cup of sugar if you were in need,” she recounted. “Baking was a natural part of life. Scads of cookies, pies, kolachi and other baked goods were frequently made in our home.” 

According to Mynde, it was and is common within the region to have large cookie displays for events and celebrations. It wasn’t until after she moved to North Carolina that she learned these are called “Pittsburgh Cookie Tables.”   

Mynde's Sweet Morsels: melting pot of tradition

These sweet displays provide dozens and dozens of assorted cookies (and sometimes other treats) made by friends and family to share with guests. Not only are “everyday” cookies a hit, the not-so-common and fancy cookies are often on display for weddings, baptisms, graduations, and other special events. 

While Mynde cherishes crafting an array of products, her true delight comes from offering various treats in different sizes and flavors. Among these, the lesser-known kolachi takes a special place. Rooted in Eastern European origins, Mynde’s kolachi comes in walnut and apricot flavors. 

“It has been most rewarding to see this adventure form into tangible products and enjoyed by others,” said Mynde. “I love that I can share my family heritage and traditions with others.” 

Outside of the bakery, Mynde describes herself as “a proud mother of two, devoted wife of one, a dog mom, and an occupational therapist by trade. It’s an unlikely biography for a professional baker, but I am excited to bring the tastes of my childhood, sweets of my family history, and the delights I have discovered in recent years to the world around me.” 

Mynde and her family have called Foxfire home for the past six years and have no plans of leaving any time soon; in fact, Mynde hopes to move forward with Mynde’s Sweet Morels, aiming for a brick-and-mortar location and to incorporate her experience as an occupational therapist into her passion for baking.

“While all of the details are not yet sorted out, I would like to provide opportunities for adults and children of all skill levels and abilities to learn or re-engage in baking,” she explained. “Baking provides opportunities for new learning, enjoying the company of others, and evoking fond memories of past experiences, among other benefits.” 

Mynde has also enjoyed supporting local farmers, using local produce whenever possible. In the future, she hopes to partner with local shelters and food banks when appropriate. 

To learn more about Mynde’s Sweet Morsels or place an order, visit Ordering time varies depending on the type and quantity of baked goods requested. Customers are encouraged to reach out at least two days in advance for most orders. 

~Article and photos by Sandhills Sentinel reporter Abegail Murphy. 

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