North Carolina Byways Guidebook now available

The newest edition of the North Carolina Scenic Byways guide is now available to the public.

The fifth edition of the Scenic Byways Guidebook is available for free download at NCDOT’s scenic byways webpage. People interested in a hard copy can request one from the North Carolina Byways Program by mail. People can also visit the North Carolina Byways webpage to download a digital copy.

The Scenic Byways program was created in 1994 to allow motorists to experience a bit of North Carolina’s history, geography and scenery while raising awareness for the protection and preservation of these areas. To help preserve the roads’ intrinsic qualities, designated routes do not allow for new billboards to be erected along them.

North Carolina has 62 scenic byways. Four of those byways are recognized by the Federal Highway Administration as national scenic byways. The Blue Ridge Parkway, which is included in the guidebook, is a recognized All-American Road but is managed by the National Park Service.

The last edition of the scenic byways guidebook was released in 2008. Since then, 11 new byways and several extensions have been added.

For more information on the Scenic Byways Program, or to request a Scenic Byways Guidebook, visit


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