North Moore High School Shining Star: Jonas Angeles

Senior year of high school can be exciting but overwhelming as students navigate into adulthood. Some go to college, work, or serve the country. North Moore senior Jonas Angeles plans on joining the reserves in June after graduation. 

“I hope to one day earn the Marine title and gain a healthy and stable lifestyle that will allow me to help others as much as I can,” said Jonas.

A distinguished student with a passion for photography, Jonas has made it a part of his journey.

Though he wasn’t raised in Moore County, Jonas discovered photography, which allowed him to explore the area and find his creative expression. His dedication has paid off, as his work has been featured in local and national competitions. His favorite work is a photo of birds on a tree amid a beautiful sunset.

“I have learned how to keep an eye out for any opportunity to snap a photo, and it has helped me capture some important moments, especially with my girlfriend and niece,” said Jonas.

Dawn Priest, an art teacher at North Moore, admires his talent and potential to contribute to the world. “I would love to see Jonas continue his love of photography throughout his military career,” said Dawn.

Jonas is determined to prove Dawn right through his creative expression and desire to help others around him.

While photography allows him to express himself, he is also determined to earn his title in the Marines. “I will always prioritize my military duties first, but with good time management, I will continue working on my hobby,” Jonas added.

Knowing this has made him gain an appreciation of the world around him. “Photography showed me there is more to nature and the world than just sitting inside wasting time,” said Jonas.

North Moore has allowed him to find his outlet and passion, which he will take with him after graduation.

“I know that as a student at North Moore, the staff will be there to help no matter what,” Jonas said of his future.

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Feature photo: Jonas Angeles shares a photograph he felt could speak to many, winning an honorable mention in the 2024 Scholastic Awards titled “Mar-5-2020.” His inspiration for this piece was burning something his ex-girlfriend gave him after they broke up—photo by Dawn Priest.

~Article by Sandhills Sentinel reporter Emily Purvis.

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