One step closer to Aberdeen town kiosk

The Aberdeen Town Council met Monday night, and one of the most-discussed issues was the placement and design of a downtown kiosk.

The planned kiosk would benefit residents and visitors looking to find businesses and would contain a 55-inch monitor with internet connection. A large monitor could also provide information on upcoming events such as the Christmas parade, the sardine festival and others. 

Two designs for the kiosk were presented. Design 1 would use a wrought iron decorative gate with cedar posts supporting the structure. The iron gate is salvaged from public works leaving additional costs of around $3,550. The presentation was made by Interim Planning Director John Terziu, who explained that the gate is considered more decorative than functional. All told, the total, including construction and installation costs, would be about $15,549.

Kiosk Design 2 is a single-sided unit also employing a 55-inch monitor, with the same purposes and functions as Design 1. The total cost of this design is $16,736. Council unanimously approved this design at the corner of Sycamore and Main Street.

In other Aberdeen town business, four fire department members were installed as fire lieutenants. Austin Forrow, Preston Williams, Austin Tibboel, and Desperado McCrimmin were pinned during a brief ceremony.

Council also considered an annexation request submitted by Jonathan Wilkins for approximately 1.4 acres, located north of Roseland Road and west of Carolina Street. This was unanimously approved, adding 1.4 acres to the town’s size.

Council considered approval of Resolution #23-11 to accept a financial guarantee for Sandy Springs Phase 3A infrastructure improvements in the amount of $183,882.53. This application was also unanimously approved.

Councilmember Wilma Laney discussed the ratification, acceptance and approval of the Amended Charter Resolution of Central Pines Regional Council, formerly the Triangle J Council of Governments. She said they’ve been working on this resolution since 2022.

Re-branding, she said, would make the council more inclusive and to distinguish and be more representative of the community, with a new name, logo and brand reflecting the organization to be more “adaptive” to community needs. The changes will become effective on July 1.

Council also accepted the resignation of Downtown Aberdeen Advisory Board Chair Lindy Lamielle. John Terziu explained that Lamielle is a retired Air Force officer who came to Aberdeen and “found her footing” here. She is a downtown business owner. The council accepted her resignation and promoted her to the downtown planner.

Finally, the council passed the 2023-24 budget of $19.4 million.

Feature photo: The approved kiosk provided by the Town of Aberdeen. 

~Article by Sandhills Sentinel Reporter Steve Biddle.

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