A Moore County resident takes home NPC Carolina State Championship trophies and credits the help of a local police officer.

Southern Pines Police Officer Sergeant Jason Embler and former NPC National Qualified Bodybuilder has been Tristan Ambrozewski’s mentor and coach in the gym since 2017.

Officer Embler’s past bodybuilding experience has helped Tristan secure two first-place trophies during last weekend’s NPC Carolina State Championships.

Embler took his time off work as a police officer to help Tristan train for his state and national physique competitions.

Tristan’s achievements could not have been made without the support of Embler.

“We wanted to highlight what an awesome human being Officer Embler is,” said Tristan. “Thank you for all the overtime you put in for the members of our community.”

Courtesy photo: L,R: Jason Embler and Tristan Ambrozewski.



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